Which do you prefer, React or Vue 3? Watch the video to discover their many commonalities and follow code examples for translating one concept to the other.

We talk with Randy Fay about the health of the DDEV project, his recent Drupal community recognition, and the DDEV testing infrastructure.

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Privacy and terms of use policies seem to be in constant state-of-flux due to various legal jurisdictions often updating requirements for businesses that operate in their area.

This month at DrupalCon Pittsburgh, the Drupal Association announced what many of us were expecting: that end-of-life for Drupal 7 was being extended yet again – this time to January 5, 2025.  This time, according to the association, there will be

Jill Farley, Ken Rickard, and Byron Duvall discuss their experiences with the Cypress front-end testing framework.

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Why design an API from the ground up with GraphQL? Why not use JSON:API? Watch the video to find out, with a live demo of the Mentally Healthy Workplaces platform.

If you create an entity reference or list field, you will notice the “Check boxes/radio buttons” widget on the “Manage form display” page. How do you switch between checkboxes or radio buttons?

DrupalCon Pittsburgh was held from June 5 to 9.  We were there to promote our work, meet with fellow Drupalists from around the country and beyond, and put an ear to the ground for news on all things Drupal.

A few years ago I found quite an interesting vulnerability in a contributed Drupal module called tablefield.