4 Franchise Development Efforts that Increase Qualified Leads

You are working with a partner to design or build your organization’s new website, and they are presenting their deliverables (e.g., a sitemap, wireframes, design comps, first draft of the website build, etc.).

A lot of my work over the last few years has been working on migrations between various versions of Drupal. That usually means that I need to configure a local Drupal development environment with more than one database.

Anyone familiar with the Drupal core development lifecycle will know that presently the Drupal community supports two major versions at any one time: the current major release and its immediate predecessor.

At ComputerMinds we like to think that we’re all pretty good at what we do; however, nobody is perfect and this is why we always ensure that our code is properly peer reviewed as part of our quality assurance process.

The 2019 Plan

tl;dr: Run composer require zaporylie/composer-drupal-optimizations:^1.0 in your Drupal codebase to halve Composer's RAM usage and make operations like require and update 3-4x fas

Have you ever wanted to preview your new Drupal theme in a production environment without making it the default yet?