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In the last post I demonstrated creating a very basic install profile in Drupal 7.

This is the second post in my series on install profiles. It covers the anatomy of an install profile and creating .install and .profile files.

Yet another key component to the Drupal Platform is the install profile and it's another one that deserves a few posts to cover it adequately.

Over the past couple years Drush has become an essential part of the Drupal site builder's toolkit.

In the previous post we built a basic blog feature. This post will cover details on how to manage that feature (i.e. update, revert, etc.).


I first heard about features at DrupalCon DC and while it seemed like a nice idea, I couldn't really see how it could be practical to someone w

With Drupalcon Copenhagen now behind us and Drupalcon Chicago approaching, I've found myself thinking about what Drupalcon is and how it's changing.