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Accessibility should be a key requirement for any website project. Unfortunately, it is often regarded as an add-on with low priority for most businesses and developers.

Drupal is the #1 platform for web content management systems. It powers millions of websites in more than 180 languages, with a massive online community with more than 26,000 constantly building and sharing themes and resources.

With the growing popularity and prevalence of Drupal 8, it should come as no surprise that many Drupal development companies are slowly edging a

To err is human, and coders too, like us are humans and are bound to make mistakes while coding, especially if the needs of the project are complex and if they adhere to the true meaning of agile.

On November 19th, Appnovation held their 1st ever Drupal Code Sprint Day, another sign of Appnovation's strong commitment to the Drupal open source

When it comes to the Drupal community, it’s all about contributions and the communal effort to champion open source technologies.

In a world that has shifted from conventional computing to mobile surfing, companies are regularly asking themselves: "Do we need a mobile app?".

Our Saint John office recently held the first ever Drupal Meetup to happen in the city with Drupal Atlantic. 

This year was special for me, for the first time since DrupalCon Copenhagen (back in 2010), I was able to attend a DrupalCon, thanks to Appnovation.

Before joining the company I had little knowledge of the business, but after reading more about the opportunities offered to ‘Appnovators’ on Linked