Native App Development: What You Need To Know

Serenity Notes is a new application that enables you to collaborate on Notes across devices, with multiple users, in real-time, using end-to-end encryption to keep all your data and info privat

When writing a hook implementation, for example of hook_cron, there's often a tendency to write purely procedural code, like this:

Half of businesses now using online or cloud backups, but 15% still using tape, says Databarracks research

Research finds IT support positively transformed by pandemic as challenges accelerate innovation and agility

The Honeypot Module

What eight years of code of conduct enforcement and conflict resolution has taught me.

Smarter, Faster, More Secure and Ultra Versatile: The Latest TOUGHBOOK 55 Upgrade

This week, September 5-11, 2021, has been set aside as National Suicide Prevention Week. 

Suicide has reached epidemic proportions in the United States, with each year adding another dark chapter to the to rising trajectory.