Technical Debt and CMS maintenance

I was recently tasked with upgrading jQuery from 1.9 all the way up the latest version of 3.x (3.4). And I seriously thought “There is no way jQuery is on version 3 already!”. How wrong I was.

With COVID-19 dominating the news and our lives, we simply cannot go about business as usual.

Accessibility is a complex topic and can feel overwhelming when you’re getting started.

Making accessible design decisions starts by establishing an accessible color palette. Defining a color palette can be really exciting as it sets the tone of the experience, yet it’s a fragile part of the process.

Links and buttons can cause all kinds of accessibility bugs. Everyone that uses a website engages with links and buttons countless times without even thinking even about it.

A reliable and accessible navigation system is a priority for any website. Not only is it how users find content, it’s how they understand what types of content a site has to offer.

Start Small

Give yourself a scope that is reasonable. For example, committing to make all new content accessible is more doable than retrofitting hundreds of pages of old articles. Set goals that are both ambitious and reasonable.

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