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The following Photoshop tutorial shows how to apply realistic drop shadows to photos.

I received in the mail my pre-ordered copy of Pro Drupal Development Second Edition yesterday.

The book is a brick. 667 pages with the index.

Sometimes, you need to change the HTML markup output by some module, and you want your changes to keep whichever theme you will use.

Now that Firefox 3 and IE7 are out and raging (and IE8 available in beta), a new clearfix solution has received the seal of approval from the website positioniseverything.net.

It is common to wish to remove the time of day shown in the node “submitted” line. In Drupal 5, there were no less than three ways to achieve this, and I will present these when I'm done covering date formatting for Drupal 6.

Administrators are presented with a special marker when content is new or has been updated in the Administration section of their site at webSite.com/admin/content/node.

In Wordpress, unlike in Drupal, terms are not lumped together in posts. Each Wordpress vocabulary has its own “template tag”, and the ones that come out-of-the box are: the_tags(), and the_category().

You want to add quick edit links to the teaser view of your nodes — one link to edit the node, and another to delete it, and you want these links to be shown only to users with the 'administer nodes' permission.

You want to print the content type name along with the 'submitted' info.

You want the comment style to be different for comments added by the author of a node — who's commenting on his own node.