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This summer I’ll be helping the Drupal Documentation team with some bottom-up Information Architecture for migrating the Docs content over to the redesigned

I was just going through some work I did a few months back and found some personas I wrote based off of some interviews with (mostly) Drupal developers.

Video footage of the presentation of Drupal Usability Study #3 at DrupalCon DC.

Kent Bye of Lullabot interviewed me (and other team members, as well as a whole lot of other Drupal community members) at Drupalcon.

The Drupal study #3 team came up with some pretty interesting tricks to use time efficiently and capture data during the usability study.

One little practical issue I found myself thinking about during the Drupal study was accommodating different styles of working while evaluating a web app.

Long days + late nights + post its and stale popcorn! And making friends again with the mic in the observation room of the fabulous UB Usability lab…

February 25 – March 3rd (1 week before DrupalCon) I’ll be hosting  several members of the Drupal usability team in Baltimore for the t