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In this blog we will see some basics of drupal theming .

1.               Importance of theming in drupal?

2.               Which files are required for theming?


I am so glad that my Dear friend Ashwini broke the ice for us. And I would

like to thank him for the same, I followed the steps and Bingo!!! 


Hey all now days Drupal community is very hard at work in developing Drupal 8. If you are passionate about Drupal and want to contribute to Drupal 8 but not finding any source to start then this is blog can help you.

In this blog I will drive you through setting up Drupal project instance on Ec2 micro instance of AWS and setting up ftp on your Drupal instance. Before this, of course you have to register with AWS which is straightforward.

How to send Message or Invitation to LinkedIn friends using Linkedin account with Drupal?


1)     CreateLinkedIn Application

0) Try and flush the menu cache, theme cache

Very often we work on projects that are hosted on a remote server. There are multiple ways to work on the remote files:

1. ssh into the remote machine and use an editor like vi or emacs to edit the files

Create the custom autocomplete field using the custom module.
How to create a custom autocomplete form and to get the user names or or anything else?
Here is the example.
*Implementation of hook_menu().