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I have been active in the Drupal world since 2006 as a developer and co-own my own Drupal agency since 2011. I love to attend Drupal events.

On Friday September 26th, the largest Drupal training worldwide was held in Amsterdam.

At our company LimoenGroen we use Drupal on a daily base.

After an anxious year waiting and preparing for DrupalCon, the moment is finally there.

Within our company we use Drush and Drush alias files a lot.

There are already many Drupal modules to display or import Tweets

You may have heard of CSS preprocessors like SASS and LESS before. And you may have - just like me - never actually used it on a project. But for me, that changed recently.

This weekend the first Frontend United event took place in Amsterdam. The successor of the Drupal Design Camp was visited by over 200 attendees and really one of the best Drupal events I’ve been to.

Or: how to improv​e the process of becoming a co-maintainer?

I love Views. For those who don’t know it; it’s basically a visual query builder that you want to use in every Drupal project.