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I am looking for confirmations from other Drupal developers regarding details and corroborations. Comments are welcome here.

Yes, this is yet another rant about how people incorrectly dismiss state-of-art databases.

I strongly urge all Drupal developers to read through this paper on Postgres.

My town uses my code : the Ann Arbor District Library uses Drupal for their web interface, including my captcha module!

Frustrated with the never-ending betas of the imminent Drupal 4.7, I have decided to switch to a better project,

Today, I woke up and decided that I will give my drupal modules away, in the hope that they will be better maintained.

Russell Beattie figures out MySpace, in component terms. Funny how every sentence of his reminded me of a specific Drupal module that provides that feature.

The Yahoo!

Recent versions of Drupal have the oh-so-cool feature that allows you to host many websites off a single Drupal codebase.

FINALLY finished the captcha.module for drupal. This is ONLY a first draft, lots of improvements to happen. Features:
* ability to protect any drupal form