Remote Working One Year On: Three-quarters of Employees Feel Worse

Confirmit Named CUSTOMER Magazine Product of the Year Award Winner for Fifth Consecutive Year

It's widely reported that Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math professions are in slated for the highest growth potential in the coming years. To varying degrees, women are under represented in these fields.

In our final episode with the American Federation of Teachers Director of Share My Lesson and eLearning, Kelly Booz, you’ll find out the goals that the Share My Lesson team aimed for with the updated version of their website.

Drupal doesn’t support the ability to replace existing files. You can create and delete files, but you can’t replace a file without using a module.

Whether working with a Drupal consulting company on a new web build, or starting out as a Drupal developer, Drupal terminology often emerges as a sticking point. There’s a lot of Drupal jargon that’s not intuitive. 

The Drupal Core Layout Builder module allows you to customize the design of the entity such as content types, taxonomy, users, etc… by offering a new drag-and-drop interface.

Decoupled Drupal is now a fixture of the Drupal community and ecosystem, but it has roots in key software concepts like the separation of concerns.