Zengenti launches Insytful, a governance tool for improving accessibility and website performance
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Learning Drupal with the Help of an AI Tutor

TL; DR: Use this prompt and the text from a Drupalize.Me tutorial to experiment with using generative AI as a tutor for learning Drupal.

Takeaway: AI and LLMs have significant potential in making user experience better for government constituents, so in the April 18 webinar with Drupal4Gov, we share our journey of developing a conversational search chatbot for the Martin County Lib

One of the most impactful things to do in preparation for any migration project is to understand the source site. The more insight you gather into how the current site was built, the better equipped you will be to perform the migration.

While preparing the recent Markdown Easy 1.0.1 release, I utilized a couple of tools that I hadn't used before in order to help improve code quality as well as the quality o

Evaluating the Success of Mergers in the Digital Content Industry
Devin Partida
Fri, 04/19/2024 - 07:00

This is how I update my Drupal modules to Drupal 11 with only GitLab and in my browser!

Tuning Drupalize.Me Search Results with Solr Query Re-Ranking and Search API

New Upgrade Status 4.2.0 is beautiful in Gin, improves continuous integration compatibility and more