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A few weeks ago I presented “CDNs made simple fast and cheap” at the Drupal Downunder conference in Melbourne Australia.

Last night I made a presentation on the “Business of Drupal” to the Sydney Drupal users meetup.

The conclusive article on a four part series on mobile sites in Drupal. Previous articles have discussed the groundwork, setup and code required for setting up a mobile site in Drupal.

Previous articles have discussed the conceptual groundwork and setup of mobile sites in Drupal. It’s now time to look at a number of themes and modules which will help you in your endeavours.

A previous article covered some basic groundwork for mobile sites in Drupal. This article goes on to look at different ways to setup a mobile site in Drupal.

Recently I was involved in a project to convert a site into a mobile site for Drupal. During the process I had to overcome a number of problems – problems which pretty much everyone designing a mobile site will have to solve.

Drupal 7 will ship with RDFa built into the core.

Uriverse, a Drupal based website, was released in January 2010. Much of the data in Uriverse is based upon a data import from DBpedia, a semantic version of Wikipedia.

Time to revisit the different types of Drupal sites to see where gains can be made. What type of site do you have?

The time for a page to render in a user’s browser is comprised of two factors. The first is the time it takes to build a page on the server. The second is the time it takes to send and render the page with all the contained components.