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A story of contributing a fix to Drupal... and a pragmatic workaround

Drush, the brilliant command-line tool for Drupal, is capable of giving you its output in several ways.

I recently produced the first release of the Webform Protected Downloads module that is compatible with Drupal 10.

In my previous article I outlined that I really needed to get Drupal 10 sites running in Aegir 3.

Aegir is a hosting system built in Drupal, for Drupal.

Drupalcon Lille 2023 was my first experience of a large Drupal event. I didn't know what to expect but I was so excited and looking forward to it! I have to say Drupalcon exceeded all of my expectations, in a good way!

A little over a year ago, I ventured into the world of Drupal; a complex content management system. Despite making considerable progress in understanding its intricacies, it's widely acknowledged that Drupal presents a steep learning curve.

Personally I’ve found most value in the smaller sessions. There are discussion-style groups around a common interests (BoFs) and presentation seminars.

Six of our team have come over to Lille in France where the annual Drupal conference for Europe is this year.

As a Drupal site administrator, you may notice in the website logs that there might be a large number of repeated log messages along the lines of "An illegal choice has been detected.