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Formatting documents for viewing on the web is a tough business. The problem is, every browser handles documents in different ways. Let’s pretend you have a document, AwesomeDocument.pdf, that you want to embed into your site.

One of the most important, yet often overlooked, aspects of running a Drupal site is regular site maintenance. Just like a car, your sharp new Drupal site is a well-oiled machine.

Tech in New Hampshire has been growing at a rapid rate. So, too, have a variety of communities that have sprung up around some of the open source technologies in use -- and chief among these are the New Hampshire Drupal and PHP communities.

With the advent on Drupal 7, using SQLite as a database backend became a


Let’s explore two basic ways of getting a page scroller in your site…


One of the real strengths of the Drupal community is the wide variety of superb contributed modules that make development tasks easier -- or just make life easier for your client.

At CommonPlaces we regularly take over projects that have stalled for one reason or another under our CPR (CommonPlaces Rescue) program.

Drupal is a huge part of our business and culture here at CommonPlaces.