A few weeks ago, DrupalCon Europe took place - for the second time as a purely digital conference. We used the time to learn new things, to share our knowledge and to contribute to the community.

Fred Plais is a long standing, well known member of the Drupal community.

85 Percent of US and UK businesses forced to adopt new cybersecurity protocols and tools as a result of COVID-19

Websites for state and local governments are being called upon to do more heavy lifting than ever before. 

4 Questions Your Tech Business Should Ask When Considering Cloud Migration

Over time, development has gotten more complex in some ways, and less in others. As technology develops, some of the requirements for coding that had been necessary in the past has shifted to a need to understand tooling.

Drupal is highly customizable and can be scaled to meet the needs of content-heavy websites like those in the government, media, and publishing space.

Drupal, a market leader in open source CMS offers flexible architecture, fast implementation, scalability, and a host of other features. Here is a list of top Drupal 9 Security Modules