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Articles from Drupalize.Me

DrupalCon Portland 2024: Issue Queue Initiatives

Learning Drupal with the Help of an AI Tutor

TL; DR: Use this prompt and the text from a Drupalize.Me tutorial to experiment with using generative AI as a tutor for learning Drupal.

Tuning Drupalize.Me Search Results with Solr Query Re-Ranking and Search API

ChatGPT Experiments: "Act as Drush, shall we play a game?"

Like everyone else, I've been experimenting with ChatGPT. In this conversation, ChatGPT does a surprisingly good job of role playing as Drush.

New in Drupal 10.2: Create a New Field UI

In Drupal 10.2, you’ll notice a new UI when you create a new field. It’s designed to help you recall what each field type means, so that you can make the right choice. Let’s check it out.

PHP Attributes for Drupal Plugins

Part 4: Utility Components in Drupal (Spotlight on Symfony in Drupal)

Part 3: Routing in Drupal (Spotlight on Symfony in Drupal)

Part 2: EventDispatcher in Drupal (Spotlight on Symfony in Drupal)

In Part 2 of our exploration of Symfony components in Drupal, we focus on the event dispatcher.

Part 1: HttpKernel in Drupal (Spotlight on Symfony in Drupal)