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“So can the world’s most flexible CMS not do that?”, the client asked.
“We just want to have a newline in our block title and italize the first part, in a smaller font.”
Like so:

img {
max-width: none !important;
#map-with-flyto {
height: 330px;
margin-right: 2px;
#buttons {
display: -webkit-flex; /* Safari */

We recently had to debug a site for a customer who was using Apache Solr and that wonderful Drupal module combo that goes with it: Search API and

We’ve always loved maps. Google, Openlayers, Leaflet... bring them on!

To date, those three are the most popular engines to fetch and assemble the tiles that make up your maps and deliver them to the browser.

Here’s a little history I pieced together about, Drupal, the Views module and the human condition.

When caching is not an option, Drupal sites employing the Views module may find their performances bound by it.

XHProf is a great server-side performance profiler. And as we say in our Drupal community… "there is a module for that".

Many a time a customer’s casual challenge of “But that’s easy in Drupal isn’t it?” has resulted in us taking up the gauntlet and putting in some hard yards to indeed "make that easy”.