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Recently I have been looking at how we measure contributions to science in a way that is more well-rounded than the h-index and similar initiatives.

A new Drupal module: Biblio autocomplete.Previsoulsy as

Previosuly I showed how to create a new Biblio type in Drupal 7 - this code covers the next step: adding additional Biblio fields to a Biblio type in code

How to create a new biblio type in code in Drupal 7:This is just a modification of the function biblio_admin_types_add_form_submit($form, &$form_state) and run during install of the custom module (using hook_install() ).

The biblio module for Drupal is almost certainly essential for anyone trying to use Drupal as a platform for doing science.

Yesterday in a discussion with Jeremy Young we thought about the concept of having an augmented reality app that would point out a