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Back in 2020, Drupal delivered a surprise by estimating a June 2022 release for Drupal 10. While the release was ultimately pushed back to December 14, 2022, you need to know where your website stands for the upcoming upgrade.

Four Kitchens, a distributed web design agency with roots in Austin, TX, is extending its global reach by acquiring Manatí.

This past April, I had the exciting experience of attending DrupalCon in Portland, OR, along with a group of about 1,300 developers, managers, clients, and vendors. 

Have you ever found yourself needing to share custom dependencies across several sites? Maybe even for the same client? There are several methods of traversing this workflow, especially if you work in the Drupal ecosystem.

From the consumer perspective, there’s never been a better time to build a website.

Working in digital design and development, you grow accustomed to the rapid pace of technology. For example: After much anticipation, the latest version of Drupal was released this summer.

After months of anticipation, Drupal 9 will finally arrive on June 3. While this is big news for developers, each major Drupal release can trigger a level of anxiety across IT departments. Should you upgrade now?

We’ve been making big websites for 14 years, and almost all of them have been built on Drupal.

In the Drupal support world, working on Drupal 7 sites is a necessity. But switching between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 development can be jarring, if only for the coding style.

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