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Working in digital design and development, you grow accustomed to the rapid pace of technology. For example: After much anticipation, the latest version of Drupal was released this summer.

After months of anticipation, Drupal 9 will finally arrive on June 3. While this is big news for developers, each major Drupal release can trigger a level of anxiety across IT departments. Should you upgrade now?

We’ve been making big websites for 14 years, and almost all of them have been built on Drupal.

In the Drupal support world, working on Drupal 7 sites is a necessity. But switching between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 development can be jarring, if only for the coding style.

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Fifteen years ago, if you asked any organization or professional with a blog, “What solutions do you use to produce content?” you’d likely get the same several answers. Drupal. Maybe WordPress. A service like Blogspot.

When someone thinks of Drupal, they think about scalability, customization, and the oh-so-steep learning curve. What isn’t thought of as much is the smooth and simple editing experience.

SDSU Extension is a South Dakota State University organization that provides educational outreach programs for the citizens of South Dakota.

At Four Kitchens, we take accessibility very seriously. It is why we choose tools like Drupal that take it seriously as well.

Begin with the end in mind—defining our goals