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Update on April 9, 2013 - the description of Drupal 7 version of this module with links to the module files is available here

A large majority of features found in WYSIWYG editors are overkill for end users.

Translation support with Taxonomy can get tricky. Similar to content translation there are a few different 'modes' taxonomy translation can take.

The Problem

Our problem was relatively simple. Have two languages (in our case English and French, English being the default) and show all content on a site regardless of the language chosen.

If you have less than ten people in your company, and you send four of them to a conference, you probably consider it a large expense. Yeah, we do too.

A recent client wanted embedded PDFs in their content so their users didn't need to download a PDF reader to just view the files.

One of our clients had a need to move users from one of their drupal sites to another on their own without our intervention.