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We regularly need to create workflows that enable anonymous users to add content to one of our Drupal sites.

Although the following code (a video embed code to be used by visitors of a video site) is discussed in the light of a MediaMosa related site, the implementation can easily be generalized to other video solutions.

I often need to integrate Flash AS3 elements into Drupal projects.

When moving a Drupal install from one server to the next you often need to replace paths within several database fields and tables.

In Drupal 6 as you could go into the taxonomy section of the admin area and look at the vocabulary edit URL to find the numerical vocabulary id.

For a Webform based survey site I needed to create questions offering a choice between some *conditionally shown* answers.

In researching more streamlined options for our Aegir based dev/live cycle, I (re)discovered several takes on the staging problem: everythi

I have been on the lookout for a Drupal project management tool for quite some time. Open Atrium came close, but missed an easy to use, straightforward time-tracking tool.

On a recent project we had to retroactively enable a single sign-on for two existing Drupal sites. One a front end site for the general public, the other an intranet build on Open Atrium.