If you have made a couple of migrations for Drupal 8, you might have encountered the fact that some time you actually forgot something, or maybe your migration actually had a bug?

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As of Drupal 8.7, the Media and Media Library modules can be enabled and used out-of-box. Below, you'll find a quick tutorial on enabling and using these features.

out-of-box before media and media library

High-quality content is a huge business booster. However, its creation takes time and effort.

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As another decade comes to a close in Drupal’s long and storied history, one important trend has the potential to present amazing — or unsettling, depending on how you look at it — opportunities and shifts in the Drupal ecosystem.

In Part 2 of our series, we provide a framework to help you ask the right questions before embarking on a complex integration project.

In our current, digitally driven business climate, search engine optimization (SEO) and optimal web experiences are inherently intertwined. Each feeds off and builds upon the other.