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It's official, goodbye beta and hello version 1! We're announcing that Livethemer 1.0 is available for download from

For some time now (over 2 years actually!) Livethemer has consumed our time and attention. It's been lurking in the background, sometimes right up in our faces demanding more from us.

Functionality is a huge key to a successful site, a successful product, a successful outcome for the end-user. Great coders are brilliant at working out the functionality.

We recently discussed how we feel Drupal doesn't currently provide site administrators many tools to get in and leverage the powerful "backend" API's that Drupal provides to theme developers.

If you’re anything like us you love how modular Drupal is — it’s certainly one of the aspects that most attracted us to Drupal in the first place.

It’s been over six months now since we demo’d Live Themer actually working in Drupal 6 — we even built using Live Themer in January to prove it was for real.

For a long time here at Marmaladesoul we’ve felt that Drupal has a missing link.