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What, localize.drupal.org still runs on Drupal 6? Yeah. It is absolutely time to update to Drupal 7 so we can keep improving the site on an up to date platform, so we need your help to try the new staging version out.

Drupal 8 is in the beta releases stage getting closer to supporting an upgrade path. It is still in development and there are still some interface changes expected.

There is a huge amount of exciting things happening around Drupal multilingual at DrupalCon Amsterdam.

As we kept following the changes made to Drupal 8 and the dozens of new ways of adding translatable strings to code in the new version, we worked on support for TWIG translation constructs and all kinds of YAML file sources (routing titles, menu i

Drupal 8.0 alpha2 is the first tagged release of Drupal 8 that comes with a package downloadable from drupal.org. What does this mean for Drupal software translators?

As part of working on the site upgrade, our messaging and notifications system is discussed.

Localize.drupal.org is becoming one of the least taken care of properties on drupal.org.

We are planning several changes for Drupal 8 to improve the user experience around translations of the Drupal software (including its modules, themes and distributions).

Drupal 7 was released 13 months ago, and while Drupalcon sites (like Denver and Munich) are built on Drupal 7, none of the permanent Drupal.org sites are on Drupal 7 yet (or started to being ported to Drupal 7).

It has been a while since I've posted an update on localize.drupal.org services for various reasons.