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On the 22nd October Manchester saw it’s very first Drupal Sprint, this was run in parallel with London Sprints.

For me the the Drupal community is amazing, it's always felt like a family, one you can rely on to help and support you.

I'm proud to announce Drupal Sprints Manchester (UK). Last year at Drupal Camp NW I spoke with various other northern Drupalers and decided that we should get together and attempt to emulate Drupal Sprints London.

As part of my increased like of agile development and the control it gives you over your estimates and deliverables I've become increasingly aware of the horrible fact our code coverage sucks.

Here are some really handy tools for when you have to deal with Drupals admin interface

While building my Drupal 7 profile I started playing around with Jenkins CI. My reasons for doing so were two fold:

I've been using Tumblr for a few months now as a simple way of sharing the images I find interesting and beautiful (can be found at ayil.co.uk).

I decided to move to Ack for searching as it has nice switches like --php and --nosql.

It's that time again now that I'm well and truly full of drupalflu.