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Hello fellow Drupalers,

Maybe it's just me.. But I see more and more DG's (Drupal Geezers) find themselves introspecting and thinking about the technology they have invested their past 7-8 years in.

It's a bird - It's a plane - No! It's AnguDrop

Angularjs and Drupal - A new power couple in the open web space.

As the temperatures here in Israel start changing to something sane and in the peak of the holiday season... I want to re invite whomever is the mideast (that's the world's middle east not Ohio :) ) to Drupalcamp Israel. is one of our most beautiful websites, and a lovely demonstration of how Drupal Commernce can look an

Drupalgive is a new and effective way of showing your love and contributions to [Drupal](

There was a lot happening on the dev branch lately and now time have come to release all this work to the wild in the form of a 7.x-2.5 release.