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Articles from Linnovate

We have been hacking with android and drupal for quite a while but we finally got a chance to give "DrupalNews" some love.

We recently had a client request to search inside user's uploaded Documents for some online tenders.

Come meet us at booth #73!

Linnovate, with our current brewing partner Kaltura, is handing out a bunch of Drupalager T-shirts at Drupalcon Chicago!

To get a chance to win a T-shirt, you need to do two very simple tasks:

We've been working lately helping kaltura port their module to drupal 7.

We started using GIT SCM for all the new development projects.

One of our favorite client that we are very proud of, and we accompanied from our early days, is

Good content brings good comments with it, and good comments improve the post they are related to, so in a site where users are rewarded for their ideas and contribution, it is just a matter of fairness to let the commenters of a good post to be r

We're very proud to see the first fruit of several months of work and several year of building the Drupal enterprise eco-system in Israel.

In this post I would like to show a way to combine Drupal OSM (open street maps) interface with websockets push technology, in order to allow drupal based sites to work as a real-time online monitor, for real world physical actions.

I'm attending Startup Weekend in TLV which is turning out to be a really great and colorful event.