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This is a follow-up to my earlier post in which I described a simple trick changing Drupal's password reset behavior.

Here's a helpful tip for maintainers of Drupal 7 websites, if you're as puzzled by the password reset process.

Earlier I stumbled on a nifty compile-mode trick for emacs, and I used it to quickly jump to errors reported by coder.module.

Third-party Drupal modules, like Drupal itself, are a community effort. I maintain several of these modules, and they are made better when helpful users submit patches to the modules' issue queues.

Putting together a new Drupal site, I had a puzzling moment when I noticed a new user's ID was number 15. This was mysterious because the site had only 4 users on it.

For Drupal developers who don't already know, coder.module is a useful helper.

I saw a recent post by Brandon Tate about using rsync and I wanted to share that...

As a freelancer and Drupal specialist, I've worked with a number of website-building teams. It seems like each group reinvents solutions to the problem of sharing settings between multiple copies of Drupal.

Here's a little tip for developers who encounter "unable to find" errors from Drupal's imagecache module...

Last night, I updated this blog to the latest version of Drupal.