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_**Update** - The CSS Flipper now lives in a separate module and won't be included in Sasson v3.x - this means practically any theme can be flipped in no-time (use

Following this great article from Howard Tyson @Zivtech, I felt I must demonstrate how easy it would be to build the exact same

While Features module is one of the main building stone of any Drupal website today, it has some aspects which can drive you (and/or your client) mad.

Drupal apps are the latest hype in the Drupal community, and Drupal app stores will be next.

The problem:
When clicking "add more values" to add another field to a cck multi-value field, and if you're using ckeditor, the existing multi-value fields will disappear.

Linnovate is a long time known member of the global Drupal community. As such, we always preach for positive activity in the community, participation in discussions and in improving the experience of Drupal users and developers all over.

After the great succes of Open ideaL, our Drupal based idea management platform, and as part of our global strategy, we are working on a

The past 3 weeks where insane.
Utterly insane.