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Three quick points on this Friday.

A lot of effort has been poured into the upgrade routines for Coder Upgrade as evidenced by the green check marks on this page.

Over the span of history, inventions have come about that changed the world as we know it. Think of GPS technology, bar codes, credit cards, and the Sony Walkman.

In this post, I:

  • Announce a cool, new tool to help make Drupal 7 a current reality for your existing sites.

  • Make a call to the Drupal community for assistance to utilize this tool.

Automated module conversion continues strong at Boombatower Development.

Automated module conversion seems to be a hit!

After the announcement of our testing service I asked for feedback from prominent community members.

Boombatower Development is adding automated testing as a new service. Boombatower Test Services (BTS) will provide a manageable solution that requires minimal setup.

Boombatower Development created two profile related modules. The modules can be used together to create a highly customizable profile interface.