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At Chapter Three we do more than build websites from the ground up. We also support existing websites that require new or additional resources. The type of work we do is flexible and depends on the client’s needs.

Small innovations can have a big impact. The paperclip was just a bent piece of wire that somebody repurposed in the late 19th century and we all now have in our desks.

As of April 5, Drupal 7 will have nine months before it’s entirely unsupported and becomes a liability. Migrating out of Drupal 7 can be complicated, and this is one reason many organizations have put it off for so long.

Happy March! If you’re reading this blog post on the day of publication, you now have exactly eight months to migrate out of Drupal 7 before it reaches end of life on January 5, 2025.

Large organizations with multi-site online ecosystems can be divided into two categories: those who have design systems and those who wish they did.

Remember Next-Drupal? It’s that thing we used to talk about incessantly but have been fairly quiet about in recent months. Not to worry – we haven’t lost interest.

A Developer Portal Shows the Flexibility of Drupal

If you’re reading this blog post, something had to bring you here as opposed to the other roughly 600 million blogs out there. Perhaps you’re a regular visitor to this site. Maybe you Googled “writing tips for better web copy” and this showed up.

"The Internet" has an endless supply of helpful articles that make the complex job of a web developer much easier.

Decoupled Days is THE conference to attend if you’re at all interested in all things headless and decoupled. Now in its seventh year, this year’s conference will be held in person in Albuquerque, New Mexico, from August 16 to 17.