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I created a new VMWare appliance for the project that I am working on. I deployed the project and created the DB and all that and when I was trying to access the site, it told me the site was offline.

Did you know that drush requires json support to be enabled in php?

Well, I did not until today.

I recently had the pleasure and honour to help rebuild the BDA foundation’s website using Drupal.

What a Drupal Camp! That was a lot of fun.

I am working on a website which uses the contrib module "mysite". The client wants me to modify the landing page after you change some config. The right way of doing that would be to use hook_form_alter() and change the redirect value:

A friend of mine contacted me about a problem he was having on his site. He was doing a lot of tests with login/logout and he had the login_security module enabled.

I am currently working on a project which uses the module site_user_list and I wanted to use some variables in my template. The documentation of the module said I could use the variables from the $r array but I discovered that was not working.

I created a new patch for Drupal 7 simpletest so that we can verify that a piece of text is present on a page, but only present once and no more.
If the text is not present or if the text is present more than once, the assertion fails.

Recently I wrote an article about how I handled semaphores in a Drupal project. I want to talk about how I actually implemented it. I needed more than one function to use the semaphore.

I built a system that migrate all sort of data from one legacy system to a new database. It has to be run every 15 minutes and must start with data from today and work it's way back to the oldest data.