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When testing different user roles you usually want to create multiple user account each with a specific user role. The problem is that Drupal doesn't allow multiple users with the same email address.

You've made a nice block. But it still comes popping up even though it doesn't return any results! Luckily it is just a matter of settings. Here i'll show you how.

Say you want to create a listing with nodes where the publishing date is not older than two months. How do you go about this? In this example I will use the Article content type which comes with Drupal after a fresh install.

When a user want to join a group by clicking on the 'Request group membership' link they get the option to provide a 'Request message' as shown in the screenshot below.

There is a very neat solution for integrating MP3 files with your Drupal 7 website. In this post I will explain how to make mp3 files directly streaming on your website without users having to download the file.

Relating nodes to each other in Drupal can be done more than one way.

You want to change the Group Manager of a group but when you go looking for the option 'Change Group Manager' your quest will be futile. There is no option within Organic Groups bearing such a description.

So you want Views to exclude some nodes from your view. Easy enough right? Just go to your view and  below filter click 'add' and select 'node id' and.... but wait a second! Now I can only filter just one node! How impractical...

Have you ever tried to translate something and this error pops up? Here's how to fix it!

This was driving me crazy but appareantly it's very simple.