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I've been working on implementing Leisa Reichelt's design for the new node add/edit form.

With an automated testing framework in core, Drupal is now far along the road to a practice of Test-driv

It has recently come to my attention that I was the only one on that had "awesomeness" as an interest.

Today we began the SimpleTest code sprint!

For those of you who haven't read the front page post yet, DROP is a new program that encourages and helps pe

Over the past few months, the GHOP program has made innumerable contributions to the Drupal community. Now that GHOP is ending, many of these students are choosing to remain long-term contributors.

Today, the initial version of Flexifilter for Drupal 6.x was released. "What is this flexifilter?" you might ask.

Over the past two years, Drupal's wiki capabilities have expanded exponentially. Yet, still we get support requests on the forums, "How can I make a wiki with Drupal?" Well, here is a detailed plan that gives wiki functionality to Drupal.