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Note: there be dragons here... read all the way through before trying this.

Automatically scaling and cropping images can save you tons of time when you are uploading images to your site. The problem is that, by default, Drupal gives you very limited control over what to crop:

Sometimes Drupal makes me bang my head on the desk. It can perform all these incredibly complex tasks and support countless technologies but occasionally it's the simple problem that flumuxes it.

Sometimes you have to do a whole lot of stuff during an update.

It's well known that websites have traffic patterns and that there are those times of the day/week/month/year were traffic predictably increases or decreases.

So you've jumped on the responsive design bandwagon? Good for you.

By now we have all (hopefully) heard the Drupal mantra "Don't hack core!" Usually this statement is followed by a quip about killing kittens and then a long (and necessary) diatribe about how hacking core makes it more difficult to maintain your s

On nearly every site I have ever worked on there has been one or two settings that I wanted set differently on dev as compared to prod.

I used to apply patches from by goeing to the issue page where the patch has been posted, downloading the patch to my desktop (or wherever) and then applying it using git apply /path/to/file.patch.

What do Google's Doubleclick for Publishers (aka DFP) and Drupal have in common? They each have a zillion different ways to set things up.