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Drupal's basic content unit is a "node," and to build a single node (or to perform any other Drupal activity), the codebase has to be bootstrapped, and everything needed to respond to the request (configuration, database and cache connections, etc

Unit testing in Drupal using the standard SimpleTest approach has long been one of my pain points with Drupal apps.

Varnish is a reverse-proxy cache that allows a site with a heavy backend (such as a Drupal site) and mostly consistent content to handle very high traffic load.

Drupal has the option of outputting its watchdog logs to syslog, the file-based core Unix logging mechanism.

The layout of Antiques Near Me (a startup I co-founded) has long been built using the sturdy grid system (implemented in Drupal 6 using the

I’ve been developing custom applications with Drupal for three years, a little with 4.7 and 5, primarily with 6, and lately more with 7.

I'm working on a Drupal 7 site and decided one of the text formats ("input formats" in D6) was redundant.

I run my Drupal crons with Drush and Jenkins, and have been running into a race co

Database query syntax in Drupal can be finicky, but doing it right - following the coding standards as a matter of habit - is very important.

One of the applications I've been working with recently is the Munin monitoring tool. Its homepage describes it simply: