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Eliminating Page not found errors (or Error 404) is not as easy as it can be.

The Online Shop Elektrofahrrad24 - a shop spezialised on e-bikes (electro bicycles) and accessories - is up and running.

To run drush - the Drupal Shell - you need to have a php shell command installed. Up to Mac OS X 10.5 I just used the php command delivered by Apple.

Ever wanted to show your Drupal contact form at every page using a Block? You can now by using the Contact form blocks module.

To use the eye candy uploading progress meter of the CCK FileField module you need to install either the APC byte cache or the PECL uploadprogress extension.

What are Input Formats
Input Format in Drupal are filters which modify the content of a page before it is displayed to a visitor. Out of the box Drupal provides 2 input formats: