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Use Drupal webforms to create new users with the CMS User extension

Training Video: Blending CiviCRM Data with Drupal Content

Training Video: Getting Started with CiviCRM Entity 3.0 in Drupal 8 and 9

Drupal 6 support has been officially removed

For a nonprofit, raising enough funds to do the most good is at the forefront of goal setting this new year. Direct and recurring donations have always been time-proven and effective ways to achieve this goal.

In 1992, there was a little known new thing called the world wide web. By 1995, it was a "thing". Now, what exactly do those quotes do to the word "thing"? And what does this have to do with "entities"?  Queue my favorite programming joke.

In the coming weeks, you can expect a series of changes going into the development pipeline to support the CiviCRM-Drupal 8 integration. Individually, these will seem unrelated and disjoint - they may not explicitly reference “D8”.

For starters, over 200 Drupal 8 sites already run CiviCRM!  This post is based on my own research and conversations with those involved, and is intended to be informative and encouraging.  As you may know, CiviCRM works with no less than