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I won't bore you with the gory details of Drupalcon SF, as it seems every other blog on the Drupal planet is doing (yes, we KNOW it's coming up and we know for sure that it will be AWESOME).

In honor of Drupal's 9th birthday, I decided to record the happy birthday song for Drupal! Starring my brother singing and me on accordion.

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Node access is a big topic for many websites - restricting what content a user can view. However, for many people, such as myself (until last night), it's a big and scary topic.

I was working on a site today and needed to code a pager (the query was too complex for views). The most logical thing (which I looked for) was a tutorial on coding pagers in Drupal.

Drush Make, a module of mine, has been making waves in the Drupal community since it was released.