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As I see others working with how to create a more usable DrupalEd installation for Drupal 6x, I am remi

Just noticed that the Extensions website looks like it might be using Drupal.

Strange things. My blog has been down because of some problems with my account on my commercial host, Site5. Naturally right before I had to head out of town, the files in my hosting account managed to get wiped.

Steven Wittens deserves the Award for the Most Creative Use of Drupal with his new ComicJuice, a website which allows the user to create comics online. Go Steven!

This is upgrade to Drupal 5.1 weekend. After working on Kairosnews, I decided to retheme and upgrade this site.

In part 2 of their "Using open source software to design, develop, and deploy a collaborative Web site," IBM developerWorks has posted a great tutorial on a

IBM developerWorks has begun a series of articles designed to help people build a collaborative website with Drupal: Using open source software to des

D'Arcy notes that it has been one month since he's switched over from WordPress 2 to Drupal 4.7 and he's very happy with the change.