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An indefinitive guide to Composer in Drupal 8Geoffrey

Getting Cozy with Dependency InjectionPiers

You got Symfony in my Drupal 8!Geoffrey

*updated to include clarification about DI*

Open sourcing security, or, how Drupal could have saved the ABC's usersGeoffrey

DrupalCon: an organizer’s perspectiveMagda

When DrupalCon came to SydneyGeoffrey

Rate DrupalCon Sydney sessions with the Guide appGeoffrey

DrupalCon Sydney 2013 is now over! We had a fantastic time, and we'll be talking about that really soon, but first there's an important matter we'd like your help with.

DrupalCon in your hand: the DC Sydney mobile appGeoffrey

Responsive admin toolbar in Drupal 8Magda

More and more Aussies take up surfing... the InternetMagda