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Articles from Cyrve

Today, I'd like to share some big news. Mike Ryan and I have joined Acquia.

The first ever Drush code sprint takes place on Monday and Tuesday of next week at MIT in Cambridge, MA USA.

I'm sometimes asked about how newcomers should integrate themselves into the Drupal ecosystem. Here's my current answer, published for the world.

This weekend, I started a project to standardize on a LAMP and Drupal stack that migrates data as fast as possible. Cyrve's customers tend to have large data sets (e.g.

The Drush project has been on fire in the past year. In January, we released Drush 4. I realize that we never properly introduced it. So, here are the highlights ...

Cyrve developed the Migrate module to support robust, repeatable data migrations into Drupal. There are other solutions to this problem, but I believe none are as robust as migrate.

Lets talk more about that gigantic global party - #D7RP. On one day, January 7, Drupalers threw 326 parties in 96 countries. These were real world parties - in meatspace.

The Drupal 7 release is imminent. It looks like the final release will happen before this year's winter solstice (Dec 21/22).

I'd like to thank Dries and the Acquia management team for their generous contribution today.