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The warning module for Drupal that I blogged about earlier is now available from the drupal.org website at:

In an alternative universe, perhaps ? :-)

Go Dries !

A second module I wrote this weekend makes it easier to moderate your comments. This was another item high on my wishlist. I didn't found anything that comes close, so please let me know if I missed another module that scratches the same itch.

One of the first things requested from a Drupal developer before contributing a module is to check whether the functionality is already implemented in another module.

The CentOS development team is looking into another solution for the CentOS website and forums. But there is no real knowledge or experience about Drupal (especially for forums).

Not even a year after I reported annoying comment spam that looks relevant but instead advertises irrelevant websites,

Finally I have some good news in the comment spam saga, my latest article brought some interesting comments and eventually lead to