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Both drush and rsync are handy tools to automate the deployment of Drupal sites.

One of the scripts in my bag of tools to check whether a site is still up and running is

Last week I received a copy of Matt Butcher's "Drupal 6 JavaScript and jQuery" from Packt Publishing.

Is writing Drupal tests boring? Maybe. Is running tests boring? Not anymore!

I'll be attending 2 major conferences the next couple of weeks.

Google has just started testing a new service to inform webmasters that their CMS is vulnerable to security exploits.

In Drupal, you can provide a description for each term in a taxonomy vocabulary. The default taxonomy term pages of Drupal 6 include the description at the top of each page (if only one term is present).

Lately there has been some discussion about the number of posts (and their quality) on

Recently I have upgraded a customer site from Drupal 5 to Drupal 6. The site contains a number of custom modules that required considerable work because of some changes in the Drupal API.

There is an interesting presentation by psychologist Barry Schwartz at TED called "The paradox of choice". He explains why people are not better off when there is too much choice.