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So the first BackDrop release is out there in the wild ready for a quick test drive!

It's an exciting start to the year for us as today saw us launch our very first mobile app!

I've listened to the recent chat on TalkingDrupal about the BackDrop project, a fork of Drupal which is causing much controversy in the community.

Scaling Langdale Pikes in The Lake District made me think of the peaks Drupal has to scale in the near future.

I've been looking at various LiveChat modules for Drupal sites and after testing a number out I finally found one I liked, Zopim LiveChat.

Looking back over my blog it's made me realise how much Drupal has pushed the company forward and how at the same time we've been able to help the community along the way.

Summer time is now officially here, the sun is out (for the moment!) so what better time to get some inspiration for your Drupal web designs.

Voucher Codes & Discounts are big business since the advent of sites such as Groupon and