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Wed, 10/25/2023 - 14:12

--- In this Halloween-themed episode of Tag1 TeamTalks, Benji Fisher, a top contributor to Drupal, shares two chilling platform migration stories. In the first tale, set in 2019, Benji tackled a government website project with a tight deadline.

A little over a year ago, I ventured into the world of Drupal; a complex content management system. Despite making considerable progress in understanding its intricacies, it's widely acknowledged that Drupal presents a steep learning curve.

Bryan Ruby: Out with the Old, In with the New
Bryan Ruby
Fri, 10/20/2023 - 15:35

As has become a tradition since DrupalCon Amsterdam 2019, all Drupal core initiatives with leads attending DrupalCon Lille took part in a

Personally I’ve found most value in the smaller sessions. There are discussion-style groups around a common interests (BoFs) and presentation seminars.

Six of our team have come over to Lille in France where the annual Drupal conference for Europe is this year.

Welcome to the second edition of Pitchburgh Diaries, a fortnightly update on our progress as we work on our plan for a decoupled Layout Builder using React.