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We’ve recently begun moving to amazon web services for hosting, however we still need to authenticate through ITS who handles the central SSO Authentication services for Virginia.edu.

Here’s a tangent:

We don’t have a lot of feedback about how our patrons are using the current equipment booking system. There may be information that users could share with one another (and the library) if given a mechanism to do so.

The first requirement of a registration system is to have something to reserve.

The second requirement of a registration system is to manage conflicting reservations.

For our equipment booking system we needed two kinds of content types: reservation and equipment. Patrons would create nodes of the reservation content type. Staff would create nodes of the equipment content type(s).

This is the first in what’s going to be a series of posts documenting our equipment booking system project.

Two new drupal distributions available on github

Our library is always open…*almost always.  Things happen (like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years) and sometimes we even have extended hours and we stay open even longer. Altogether, we have ~ 14 weeks/year that have “non-standard” hours.

Ever since we launched our site re-design, we’ve had a pretty steady flow internal change requests – add links, change fonts, re-style buttons, adjust layouts, modify permissions, etc.

Over the past few months our site has undergone a total re-design // upgrade from Drupal 6 => 7.