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[box type="note"]Unless you are using MediaTemple, you should try the directions to install Drush using Pear on a shared host first, as that method is preferred.[/box] A while back I wrote a quick guide for getting Drush up and running on a shared

[box type="note"]If you have issues with these directions, please read the alternate directions for installing on a shared host manually without using Pear. MediaTemple is one provider where you must use the alternate directions to get Drush worki

Some of you may recall that a couple of years ago (wow, that long?) I wrote an article on this blog entitled “Artificial Intelligence and Repetitive Tasks in a CMS” describing some of the biggest causes of grief I had when using Drupal (and other

If you ever wanted to allow your site’s users to be able to generate URLs cleanly from within Drupal? Well, now you can!

Over the past several years that I’ve been working with Drupal as a vendor I’ve become enamored by its power, its flexibility, its support and perhaps most of all with its awesome community.

Add another module has been recently updated with another new time-saving feature; you can now display “Add another” tabs on certain node types.

Michael B. from the Mozilla Marketing list recently posted an hypothesis on why Google Chrome may suddenly start taking a much larger chunk out of the browser market now that Microsoft's browser selection screens are appearing in the EU.

We might finally get more people off of IE, FINALLY. It might seem like a minor thing, but it isn’t.

Image via Wikipedia TV shows like MacGyver and Junk Yard Wars, as well as real world survival and minimalist training [even camping] tell us that it’s cool to take bits of whatever is lying around, and jury-rig it into something useful, and potent

[This whole post is written tounge-in-cheek.  Please don't flame/bash/perl or python the author.] I just did an upgrade from WordPress 2.7 to 2.7.1, and it was completely done in under 5 seconds.