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Often when I am building a new Drupal site I click through a number of the same pages changing a number of common settings.  Creating a custom Install Profile will allow us to expand on or change the basic settings of the site.

Drush Make is an extension for the wonderful Drush project. from the Drush make project page on

This is an introduction to a brief series on improving work-flow as a Drupal site builder.  I will demonstrate a best practice for putting together a set of tools that will help you speed up your development process.  

On the way to the Summit of Mount Shasta in Northern California you must ascend Misery Hill.  This particularly tough stretch of

The reason I am convinced Drupal has staying power is the people.

I think the power of Drupal is the community.

Before I begin I would like to point out that an enormous help to my understanding of how to do this came from

In this screencast I will demonstrate a technique using a Views attachment display to control the markup from views.  By using taxonomy to organize content on the Drupal website I show how to use the Views module to create lists that can be manipu

Just over two months ago the Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit happened in Seattle. The Summit was a regional conference for people who use Drupal.

A common requirement for many of my recent clients has been to move the "Read More" link at the end of a teaser inline to the end of the teaser's last paragraph. Like this: