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I'm launching my first project that uses Features heavily, and I've run into some of the limitations discussed in this post by Bill at Funny Monkey

In D7, drupal_add_js can handle external javascript files, but in D6 it cannot handle external js in a nice way.

I've been building some custom components with the webform API. Each component contains a set of related form fields, and one of them has a number of different fieldsets, each with its own submit button.

Here's a menu navigation use case that I run into all the time:

"A click on a top level item in a menu should redirect to it's first child."

I have a client who wants an exposed filter but, instead of having a select drop down, would like to replace it with a set of links.

I was asked to create a video content type for a site with the following requirements:

CMS are often categorized by the use-cases they cover, usually grouped by "complexity". So we see a lot of CMS taxonomies that bucket products into "Enterprise/Small Business" or "Simple/Medium/Complex".

As a programmer with absolutely no design skills, and markup skills that haven't quite made it into the web 2.0 era, I always collaborate with others when building a new site from scratch, or when embarking on a redesign or any substantial UI chan