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First of all a disclaimer, part of the intention of this blog post is to see if anyone else has a better solution. This is something I came up with but I'm not entirely happy with the solution as it involves running the sql query twice. :(

One of the issues I encountered when migrating nodes to Drupal, using the migrate module, was that I couldn't associate nodes with more than one taxonomy term.

Currently the Migrate module doesn't support full migration of poll nodes.

For a project I've been working on recently, I needed the ability to have a two column table layout in Views. The idea was to place the field label in the first column, and the field data in the second.

New releases of the FAQ module have been made - versions 5.x-2.13 and 6.x-1.9. This release includes a fair few new features, including the ability to drag and drop questions when re-ordering and a new "administer faq weights" permission.

Over a year and a half after Drupal 6 was released, I've finally gotten around to releasing a Drupal 6 version of the Ocadia theme.

The Ubercart module is one of the best e-commerce options for Drupal currently.

UPDATE: In the latest version of the migrate module, the hook names have changed - the word 'destination' has been removed.